This DVD includes two short films "Office Blue" and "Office Blue - Summer Rash" used as a pitch for a television series.  Films received a standing ovation, financial backer still to come.  Includes the blooper reel featuring actors cast in major roles.  ($10 with taxes and shipping included) TRAILER

Office Blue - Independent Movie Shorts

SKU: OB2018
  • OFFICE BLUE: Larry has a wife, Tabitha, who is suspicious that he may be cheating again. Yes, he is, with his secretary, Mickey; and is working on his new secretary, Arlena. Mickey is still married to Jerome, but her best friend, Jasmine has secretly started a relationship with him. Jasmine goes by Mickey's job with Jerome, Mickey catches her and guesses why she is there. David is the photographer who loves drama, and instigating. Watch and see what they do, in the world of "Office Blue".

    OFFICE BLUE - SUMMER RASH: The staff is at a summer resort and has agreed to allow Dr. Andrews to counsel them as a group, so they can get back to having fun, expecting something simple. He gives the A.I.D.S. talk. This causes panic and a hindsight reflection of indiscretions.

    CALLBACKS: Our audition Blooper reel featuring additional scenes performed by actors cast in roles.