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Movie Theatre, Snack Bar & Event Center Hours

(See Calendar Below for Special Closings)

Welcome to Spinning Dreams, Greensboro's premier $5 Movie Theatre, where the magic of cinema is always within reach. Knowing our hours makes planning your next movie outing simple and convenient. Whether you're catching a second run film or joining us for a special event, we're here to ensure your experience is unforgettable.

(1) Check the Calendar (2) Plan Your Visit Today by Completing the Theatre Booking Form  OR (3) Get Your Movie Tickets on Eventbrite


Ready for an affordable and enjoyable cinema experience?

1) Check the Movie & Events Calendar to find the movie you want to see and days the movie will play, ratings and running times.

2) Go to Eventbrite and see the times available and tickets remaining for each screening. 

3) Get your tickets on Eventbrite or at the Movie Theatre, Spinning Dreams, 2 Centerview Drive, Suite 180, Greensboro, NC as soon as possible. Please note tickets sold out online are also sold out for in person purchases. 

4) Plan your next visit to Spinning Dreams. Don't forget to check out our Home page for more ticket opportunities and special events.

Spinning Dreams is more than a movie theatre; it's a place where dreams spin into reality, and every visit is a chance to create lasting memories. We can't wait to welcome you!

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