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Model & Talent Audition Registration


1) You must be 18 or older, or approved by your parent or legal guardian to audition.  If under 18, your parent or legal guardian must be present at your audition and show ID.

 2) You should come to your audition dressed for a photo session, with appropriate fashion model attire, makeup and hairstyle.  Females should wear heels at least 2 inches high. Stay away from busy patterns to make sure potential employers can focus on your features. 

3) You must present two forms of legal ID at the beginning of your audition (ex: license and social security card - see I-9  form for a list of other options).  Copies of your ID will be made and kept in your file. 

4) You must complete a Talent Application packet at the beginning of your audition.  The packet includes Spinning Dreams/The Actors Home Squad, Inc. talent contract, photo/video release forms, I-9  form, and state and federal tax forms.

5) If you pay your photo session fee of $25 online, your receipt will be attached to your application, and you will receive a copy.  If you choose to pay the $25 onsite, please bring exact change, it will be collected when you turn in your paperwork - at the beginning of your audition.  If you have chosen to pay in cash, please bring exact change.  

Thank you for reimagining entertainment with

Spinning Dreams - The Entertainment Company in your journey gain more performance success and remember to always follow your dreams.

By clicking submit, you are confirming that you have read, understand and agree with all of these terms.  See you at your audition!

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