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A Gospel/Inspirational CD featuring original music created and produced in North Carolina. (additional for taxes and shipping)


Believe in Him - Gospel CD by Edna Thompson

SKU: BIH2018
  • BELIEVE IN HIM:  You can expect to be inspired, entertained and hear praises of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am a saved Christian performer who is a living testimony. I understand how great the struggle can be to make the right choices, stay on the right path, say no when you know something will take you a long way off track, and will not be judgmental to the audience, because truly when I judge another, I am also judging myself. Matthew 7:1 I will perform as a solo artist for low budget bookings and with background vocalists/performers for bookings starting at $100. The larger the budget, the more theatrics and background performers added into my show. (Photos by Lacy Brooks Photography)

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